Saturday, January 30, 2010

Here & There

Life has been busy at the Williams residence like usual! Last Saturday, Aubrey & I went to Texarkana for Jenn's baby shower. We had a great time & Jenn got a lot of great stuff for baby Peyton! It was raining when it was time to head back home & Carla asked if I would please please please stay the night. lol! I called Nathan like I was a 12 year old & asked if I could stay the night with my bff, hahaha. He said he didn't care, especially since it was raining pretty good here. So, Aubrey & I stayed the night at Carla's house! We had a lot of fun. Aubrey stayed up SUPER late (10:30!) playing with Carla's girls & Emma. Elizabeth & Travis came over & we had pizza. The girls watched The Pregnancy Pact & the guys played Xbox. I was sad Nathan wasn't there with us, but me & Aubrey had a great time! Sunday we went to church & surprised Nathan's family :) That was fun! Afterwards we went to eat at Nathan's grandma's. We headed back towards home & met up with Colleen at TaMolly's. After that we headed home & got ready for the week to begin!

Nothing too exciting happened this week, just the same ole same ole. The director of Aubrey's daycare told me on Monday that they are going to have to start charging us more because Aubrey eats SO much! HAHAHA! She is so tiny but she can really pack some food in! A funny moment this week was when I told Aubrey "Let's go fix your hair!". She ran to the bathroom, stood at the counter, pointed to her hair, and said "Bow! Bow!". lol I have the girl trained right! :) Friday we had an ice day! My work was cancelled, Nathan was off, & Aubrey got to stay home from school! We had a great day snuggled up in the house together! This morning when we woke up, there was a LITTLE bit of snow on the ground! We went outside & made Aubrey's very first snowman.. or snowmidget! LOL! We worked with what we had! Now Aubrey is asleep & we are just relaxing. Hopefully the roads will be better tomorrow so I can go to Target! Anyway, hope everyone has a great weekend! Here are some pictures from throughout the week!

Aubrey's 1st Snowman! hahaha!

Reading a book, one of her favorite things to do :)

Such a sweetie!!

Posing with her prize for winning 1st place in a baby photo contest @!! :)

BFFs @ Jenn's Baby Shower!!

Oh & here is a video of Aubrey dancing her little heart out! hahaha! She LOVES this song! And yes, we DO clean. She insists on having every toy out while she's up so we straighten up after she goes to bed! So ignore the millions of toys & blanket pallet! :)

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Busy Day

Today will be a busy day & it got off to a VERY early start! Aubrey woke up around 5:30 am. That is SOOOO unlike her. She was just fussing so much & pulling at her ear. I put some numbing ear drops in & she went right back to sleep. Poor baby! Now I am up though. Once I wake up like that, I have a hard time going back to sleep. I took her back to the doctor on Wednesday & along with croup, she also had an upper respiratory infection & an ear infection. Sheesh! She just can not catch a break it seems! She is on a Z Pack now & it has really helped her a lot!

Today we are going to Texarkana for my BFF Jenn's baby shower. She is due Feb 27th with little Miss Peyton Olivia :) I am so excited for her! She's the last BFF to become a mommy! :) Now we will have kids everywhere whenever we get together, lol! I'm meeting up with Carla & Elizabeth at Target at 11:30 so we can buy our gift for Jenn (carseat!). Then we have to head out to Bloomburg to start setting up for the shower. It should be a fun & busy day! My mom was supposed to come down this weekend but she isn't feeling well. We will miss her!
Hmm.. not much else to write about. Here's a few pics from this week :)

One passed out little girl

Mommy & Aubs after bathtime :)

At the doctor's office on Wednesday

My pretty little girl :)

<3 <3 <3

Tuesday, January 19, 2010


I took my little sickling back to the doctor yesterday. When her doctor walked in, he said "It seems like we've seen ya'll a lot lately..." Umm, ya think?! Poor Aubrey. :( It seems like she can never catch a break!! Anyway, she has croup, which was likely caused from RSV. She had to get a steroid shot & we have to keep doing her breathing treatments. He said the steroid shot should help her improve pretty quickly. If we don't see any major improvements by Wednesday, we have to take her back. Hopefully she will improve!! She still had a pretty rough night. She was up a lot coughing & crying. :( She stayed home from daycare yesterday with Nathan & today she is staying home with my mom. I could have stayed home with her, but I wouldn't have gotten paid. We are not allowed to use our sick time on our children. Don't even get me started on that subject. So, I am SO grateful that my mom can come down & watch her for me. Aubrey loves spending time with her Nana so they should have a great day together!

Yesterday, I got pulled over, AGAIN. I swear, I need to go to Speeding Anonymous!!! I have a serious problem! I got a ticket in June & another one the day after Thanksgiving. I am still paying the last ticket off! I have been making payments on it every Monday. I only have 2 payments left. Then I go and get pulled over again!!! I was going down this little back road that I thought was 35 mph. Just as soon as I saw the speed limit sign saying "25 mph", I saw the cop. I had no time to slow down. :( Thankfully the cop was very nice & just gave me a verbal warning. He said "Congratulations on your new car. Slow down some!" My heart was beating so fast. I can NOT get another ticket!! I need to start paying better attention. I'm never speeding for a reason. I just don't pay attention & don't realize I'm speeding or don't realize what the speed limit is. I am really going to try to work on that!!

Well, it's January 19th & so far my New Year's resolutions are off to a good start ;) I am being a better blogger. I printed a ton of Aubrey's pictures AND put them into an album! I still have some to work on but I'm finished with one album! The best New Year's resolution update I have is that my car is still clean! Woo hoo! This is a big accomplishment for me!! lol Hopefully I can keep up the good work! ;)

Well, no pictures today. I really need to download pictures off of my camera. With Aubrey being sick, I haven't taken many recently. I am waiting on my mom to get here & then I'm off to work. Hope everyone has a great day!!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Lazy Weekend

We don't have too many lazy weekends around here. The weekends Nathan works, my mom comes down & we are always busy doing things out & about. Most weekends Nathan's off, we go out of town or have something planned. This weekend Nathan was off & we had no plans!! YAY!!

Friday night, Aubrey started getting sick, again. Poor thing. She gets well for like a week and then is sick again. I hate it for her!! It started out as just a runny nose & has moved into her chest, which seems to always happen now. She has been coughing & wheezing really badly. I feel so bad for her!!

Saturday, me, Colleen, & Aubrey had planned on going shopping. Since Aubrey had a rough night Friday coughing all night, I decided she needed to stay home with daddy. Good idea, because she slept the entire time we were gone, taking an almost FIVE hour nap! Poor thing, she needed some rest!! So, me & Colleen headed to Bryant to go shopping. We went to Chili's first to eat lunch. It was pretty good... except for about 30 minutes later it did NOT agree with me. Ugh it was awful, my stomach was hurting so bad!! It didn't stop me from shopping though. We went to Target, Old Navy, & Kohls. I was pretty bummed because I was looking for specific sandals & capri's for Aubrey & didn't find them! I'm going to check the Target/Kohls in Texarkana next weekend while we are there for Jennifer's baby shower!

Today, we have just been laying around. Aubrey got up about 9 & I brought her into our room. She laid in the bed watching tv with me while Nathan still slept. She ended up falling back asleep on me, which is something she never does. I hate that she's sick but I do enjoy the extra cuddles. She never has time to cuddle anymore, she is always too busy!
Aubrey is down for a nap now & Nathan is watching the Cowboys game. Aubrey watched some of the game with Nathan before she went down for her nap!
Later this afternoon, after Aubrey gets up, we are going to head to Arkadelphia to eat at TaMolly's with my sister. She left her wallet here yesterday & needs it.. and I was craving some Mexican food so I said we would just bring it to her!

So, it's been a nice, relaxing weekend. I will probably be taking Aubrey to the doctor tomorrow if she doesn't get any better.. which from the sounds of her cough today.. doesn't seem like she's going to. I hope everyone else has had a nice weekend!! Have a great week!

Thursday, January 14, 2010


I decided I want to write a post about my BFFs. Of course, my very bestest friend is Nathan. He is a wonderful husband & dad & I don't know what I would do without him! A girl's gotta have her "girl" friends though... and I have 3 of the best!!

I met Carla, Elizabeth, & Jennifer in nursing school in February 2007. I remember thinking on the first day that I wanted to be friends with Elizabeth, because she had just gotten married in October 2006 & me & Nathan had just gotten married in November 2006! Plus, she looked "normal". hahaha! I honestly don't remember when we first became friends, but it wasn't too long after nursing school started. We often would message each other at night on myspace. Carla & Elizabeth also became friends. I don't really remember much about Carla from the beginning of nursing school. I do remember she teared up when she was talking about her girls on the first day. I sooooooooo understand that now!!! It's so hard leaving your babies at daycare for the first time!! Other than that though, I don't remember much about her. She sat on the other side of the classroom. After her & Elizabeth became friends, I started talking to her more since she was Elizabeth more. Carla said she didn't like me at first HAHA! I guess I can come off a little.. not friendly at first. heheh. She loves me now though so it's okay! Jennifer came into our class in the 2nd quarter. She was put into my clinical group which was NOT the best. She looked "normal" too and I was excited to maybe find someone cool in my group haha! I showed her around & we became friends quickly! Before we knew it, me, Carla, Elizabeth, and Jenn were all hanging out on breaks together & going to lunch! I truly believe God put us all in nursing school together so that we could become life long friends!!!

Carla, Elizabeth, & Jenn are definitely LIFE Long friends. It's weird how sometimes friendships just fade out of your life.. but I can really see us all still being best friends when we're 80, saggy, & wrinkly!! LOL! We all just get along so well! Carla showed us how amazing being a mom is! She has 2 girls, Catelyn who is 6 & Savannah who is 4. They were 4 & 2 when we were in nursing school. In October 2007, I got pregnant with Aubrey! Then in April 2008, Elizabeth got pregnant with Emma Grace! Then in August 2008, Jenn got married! Next up was Carla! She got pregnant with Mr. Preston at the end of November 2008. Jenn wasn't far behind.. she got pregnant in June 2009 & is now due next month with Peyton!! LOTS OF BABIES!! It's so nice to have each other to talk to about our kids. I know some of my friends from high school who don't have kids could care less to hear me talk about how Aubrey went poo poo in the potty for the 1st time or how many teeth she has now, etc!

I am so blessed & thankful to have 3 of the best friends a girl could ask for!! Even though I live 1.5 hours away from them now, they are still my very best friends & I keep in very close contact with them!! So here's the end to my super cheesy BFF post... I just had to write about my awesome BFFs & how much I love them!!!!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Life has been busy as usual lately. We've experienced some "firsts" in the past few days. Sunday we went to Emma's "FIRST" Birthday Party!! YAY! Emma is one of Aubrey's BFFs :) Aubrey had so much fun at Emma's party!! There was pizza, cake, a carousel, games, etc! It was a great first birthday party for a great little girl! :)

The other "first" is a BIG first to us! Aubrey went poo poo in her potty for the first time on Sunday night! YAY!!! We were so very happy & excited for her. Aubrey was so proud of herself too! I am one proud momma & excited to report she has gone poo poo on her potty for the 3rd consecutive night!! We are hoping this is a great start to potty training!

Tomorrow night, me, Aubrey, & my sister are meeting Elizabeth, Emma, & her mom for dinner at PF Changs. Yummy! I've never eaten there but I've heard it's AWESOME, so that is another "first" I am looking forward to! :)

Well, time to watch American Idol with my sister :) More later this week!

Friday, January 8, 2010

Lots of Randomness!

I find it very hard to blog during the week. After working all day & playing/feeding/bathing Aubrey, by the time Aubrey is in bed, I just don't have the motivation to sit down & focus on blogging! Friday's are different though. I feel like I can really relax & just reflect on the past week! :)

So, Monday we woke up to snow! Not a lot by any means, but hey, it was still snow! Of course I had to document Aubrey's first experience with snow with some pictures! I didn't take many though, because she was still sick & it was just way too cold for pictures!

Tuesday, I texted Nathan while on my way to the Village saying how I wish I could get an SUV. Well.... 24 hours later, I had an SUV!! Hahaha! I promise I am usually not that spoiled! Things definitely worked out in my favor! We traded in Nathan's truck, which his brother was driving. Now Cody will drive our cobalt, Nathan will drive my Fusion, & I have the new car!! It's a 2008 Equinox. I *LOVE* it sooooo much!!! It is so nice! It has leather (heated!!) seats, a sunroof, & only has 30,000 miles on it, which isn't bad at all for being used. I am very thankful my hubby is so good to me! My 2nd New Year's Resolution is to keep this car CLEAN! I pinky swore Nathan I would... so I am REALLY going to try!!! lol

My sister has been staying with us this week because her dorm is still closed but she had to work. It's been fun! :) Good sisterly bonding time! We have become addicted to the card games Old Maid & Blink (it's like the game Speed). So much fun! She has been picking Aubrey up for us while we were stuck at the car dealership finishing up paperwork & that has been very helpful!

Today I got to sleep in some because Aubrey's doctor's appt was at 9:30. That was nice! Her appt went well. We got some steroid cream to use on her eczema. Poor thing, I feel so bad for her little skin. She has it on her arms, legs, back, & a little on her cheeks. Hopefully this new cream will help with that! Then when I got to work, my dr had called in sick. So it was an easy morning. The day went by fast & I'm so glad to be home! I'm ready for a fun weekend!! My mom is coming down tomorrow & we always have so much fun when she is here. Sunday I am going to Texarkana for my BFF's daughter's 1st birthday party! Aubrey's BFF Emma turned 1 on December 29th! We are looking forward to seeing our BFFs!!!

I hope everyone has had a good week & has a great weekend! :)

Thursday, January 7, 2010

18 Months!!

Aubrey Claire, you are 18 months old today. This almost seems impossible! How can you already be a year & half?! You are growing into such a beautiful little girl. You are now 30 inches tall & 21 pounds 6 ounces! That's a weight gain of 1 pound 5 ounces from 15 months (There was a nurse error last time on your height, because at 15 months you measured 30.25 inches. We know you didn't shrink & we measured you twice today to make sure it was really 30 inches!) The biggest difference between 15 months & 18 months has definitely been your speech. You had surgery on October 30th to place tubes in your ears to help drain the fluid you constantly had on your ears & to prevent all of the ear infections you kept getting. Those little tubes have been miracle workers! It's now been almost 10 weeks since you've had the tubes & we have seen such an amazing improvement in your speech! Before you got the tubes, the only real words you could say were: Dada, Uh Oh, Hi, & Eye/I. Here is what you are saying now!

Uh Oh
Bye Bye
Bless You
Thank You
Beep Beep

It seems like you add a new word to your vocabulary every day! You even said your first "sentence" on December 30th. "I go bye bye!" We love hearing your adorable little voice.

You now have 7 teeth, with an 8th & 9th already broken through the gums. You have your two bottom teeth. You have 5 teeth up top. You got your left eye tooth first. It looked like your right eye tooth would come in next, but then your left middle tooth beat that one! Next was the right eye tooth. Then while we have been patiently waiting on your right middle tooth to come in, you got two back teeth, one on each side!! That surprised Momma. She wasn't even checking for back teeth until one day she noticed something in the back when you yawned. That's when she found out you had two teeth in the back hiding out! Your right middle tooth has broken through the gums & now in the past day your bottom left tooth beside your bottom left middle tooth is coming in a little more everyday.

You are a social butterfly. You love being around other kids. Today you moved to the "toddler" class at daycare. This is where the children from 18 months- 3 years are. Mommy was very sad to see you in the room with all of the "big" kids. Instead of taking you to the nursery & putting you in your highchair to eat breakfast, you sat down at the big kids table in the cafeteria & started eating cereal with milk out of a bowl like a big girl! You loved it though. Even though you are definitely the smallest kid in there, you know how to stand up for yourself. Your favorite nun, Sister Julie, is now a teacher in the toddler class & you are happy to be back in her class again. We get compliments from your teachers all the time about how smart you are. You now know all of your body parts (eyes, nose, mouth, ears, head, belly, hands, arms, feet, legs, toes, fingers, & booty). You can "sing" the ABCs (you don't have the exact letter pronounciations down, but you hum & make up your "own" letters to the exact tune of ABCs). We can ask you where something is & you know exactly what we are talking about & point right to it. You are also very independent. You like to do things on your own. You are definitely strong willed with a little bit of a temper too. If we try to help you with something you are trying to do, you push us away because you want to do it on your own. If you are unable to do what you are trying, you get very mad. Not sure where that temper comes from... haha!

Some of your favorite things do to are:
1) Give kisses. You LOVE smacking your lips & going up to everyone who is in the room at that time (including Carson & Parker) giving big kisses!
2) Playing with your babies. You have become quite the little momma lately. It is so cute to watch you "feed" your baby. You always randomly give your babies hugs & kisses which is adorable to watch!
3) Play outside. You love playing outside & you're not too happy that it's been too cold out to play. We are all ready for spring to be here!
4) Sleep!! You LOVE your sleep. It's like having a little teenager already. You make Mommy & Daddy scared to give you a brother or sister. You have spoiled us so badly with being such a good baby that we are afraid a brother or sister would be bad, bad, bad!

Aubrey, it is so amazing to watch you continue to grow & learn every day. Not a day goes by that you don't put a HUGE smile on Mommy & Daddy's face. You are truly the light of our lives & we love you SOOOOO very much!!! Happy 18 Months, Aubrey Claire!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Early Start

I got up at 7:30 this morning to go grocery shopping before Aubrey & Nathan woke up. It worked out great!! There were hardly any people at Walmart, so it made shopping very easy. Sometimes it's just easier to go grocery shopping without Aubrey. She has decided she is too big to sit in the front seat. She wants to stand up in the basket & this can be stressful between trying to load that part up with groceries & making sure she's holding on while I'm pushing! Now I got all the shopping done & groceries put away & Nathan & Aubrey are still asleep! :)

Tomorrow starts a new work week. Aubrey has to go back to daycare. Her daycare was closed the past week. She's not going to like having to get up early again! She's been sleeping in until at least 9am every morning. I have enjoyed two 3 day weekends in a row. I wish every weekend was a 3 day weekend!! That would be NICE!

Aubrey seems to be feeling a little better. Her cough isn't as bad as it was. She did much better last night!! I hate that she is sick so often :( It breaks my heart for her. She is a trooper though & does pretty good handling her sickies. We are going to Sears today to have her 18 month pictures done. Hopefully we'll get at least one good shot!

Well, I hear Aubrey waking up now! More later :)

<3 Valerie

Saturday, January 2, 2010

2009 Survey (Boredom at it's best!!)


Who kissed you on new years? Nathan

Did you have a new year’s resolution this year? If I did, I don't remember it

Does it snow where you live? Rarely :(

Do you like hot chocolate? It's okay.

Have you ever been to Times Square to watch the ball drop? No.


Who was your Valentine this year? Nathan

When you were little did you buy Valentine’s for the whole class? Of course!

Do you care if the groundhog sees its shadow or not? Not really.


Are you Irish? Yep!

Do you wear green on St. Patty’s Day? Yes.

What did you do for St. Patty’s Day in 2009? Nothing special.

Are you happy when winter is pretty much over? YES.


Do you like the rain? If I don't have to get out in it.

Did you play an April fool’s joke on anyone this year? I'm sure.

Do you get tons of candy on Easter? My mom still gives us Easter Baskets!! :)

Do you celebrate 4/20? Negative.

Do you love the month of April? Sure :)


What is your favorite flower? Tulip!

Do you like the spring? Yes

Finish the phrase “April showers”: Bring May Flowers

Do you celebrate Mothers Day? Yes! :)

Is there anything special about May to you? Mother's Day


What year did/will you graduate from high school? I graduated Dec. 2004

Did you do anything fun during this month? Went to New York

Have a favorite baseball team? No

Do you celebrate Father’s Day? Yes


What did you do on the Fourth of July this year? We flew home from New York!

What did you do that month? Celebrated Aubrey's 1st birthday!!!

Did you go on any vacations during this month? We were in New York from June 29th-July 4th.

Did you blast the A/C all day? I'm sure.


Do you do anything special at the end of your summer every year? Summer is not that exciting now that I'm a big girl who has to work all summer ;)

What was your favorite summer memory of ‘09? Aubrey's first birthday!

Did you have a sunburn? Maybe in New York.. don't remember.

Did you go to the beach a lot? Once in New York


Are you attending college/​​​school?​​​ DONE!

Who's your favorite teacher? N/A

Do you like fall better than summer? Love Fall!! My favorite season!


What was your last Halloween costume? Witch.

What is your favorite candy? Sour Skittles/ Sour Patch Kids/ Sour Punch Straws/ Milky Way/ Hot Tamales

Who’s birthday is during this month? My Dad's


Whose house did you go to for Thanksgiving? Nathan's great grandmas

What are you thankful for? my wonderful family & friends!!

Do you love stuffing? Yum!


Do you celebrate Christmas? Yes!

Have you ever been kissed under mistletoe? Yep

Get anything special last year? Yep

What do you want this year? I got what I wanted :)

Do you know what your next new years resolution will be? THIS! To be a better blogger ;)

Stayed single almost the whole year? Umm no.

Were involved in something you'll never forget? Yes.

Dyed your hair? Nope, unless you count highlights.

Came close to losing your life? No.

Saw one of your favorite bands/artists live? No.



Did you meet any new friends this year? Yes

Did you hate anyone? hehehe

Do you have any regrets when it comes to your friendships? No



Did you have a cake? Yes! Nathan & Aubs got me a cookie cake :) And Shelly made me an oreo cake at work!

Did you have a party? Yep, at work!

Did you get any presents? Yes.



Did you change at all this year? Not much.

Did you change your style? No, not really.

Were you in school? Nope!

Did anyone close to you give birth? Yep!! My BFF Carla!

Did you go on any vacations? Yes, to New York.

Would you change anything about yourself now? No.



Was 2009 a good year? Yes.

Do you think 2010 will top 2009? Maybe.


Had your heart broken? No

Done something you've regretted? Not that I can think of.

Painted a picture? No

Wrote a poem? No

Ran a mile? YEAH RIGHT.

Visited a foreign country? No

Cut in a line of waiting people? Not that I can remember? But maybe..

Told someone you were busy when you weren't? Probably

Lied about how old you were? No

IN 2009

I....Lied? I'm sure.

Disappointed someone close? Don't think so.. hope not anyway!

Hid a seccret? Not that I can think of.

Pretended to be happy? Don't have to pretend :)

Layed out under the stars? No

Kept your new years resolution? Don't remember it..

Forgot your new years resolution? Yep if I had one lol

Met someone who changed your life? Hmm.. in 2009? Maybe.

Changed your outlook on life? Somewhat.. not really though.

Learned something new about yourself? Not really.

Tried something you normally wouldn't try and liked it? Tamale Spread!

Made a change in your life? Yes

Found out who your true friends were? Yes & I love them! :)

Met great people? Yes.

Stayed up til sunrise? NO WAY.

Cried over the silliest things? Probably

Had friends who were drifting away from you? A few

Spent most of your money on food? Not most.. but a good portion goes towards food lol

Had a fist fight? No.

Liked more than 5 people at the same time? No way.

Wow, I feel like a teenager again after doing that. LOL! <3

New Layout

I decided to try & do better about posting again. I always say this, so we'll see how long it lasts. I guess I'll consider this my New Years resolution :) To be a better blogger!

Things are the same as always :) Aubrey is growing up so fast. She is almost 18 months old now. I started writing her 18 month letter yesterday. Check back for that on Thursday. She is pretty sick right now :( She has a sinus infection that has gone to her chest. She is coughing non stop & wheezing some too. I'm praying she doesn't have RSV again. She sounds just like she did when she had that last January. I've started her back up on breathing treatments, so hopefully between those & her antibiotic, she will feel better soon. The good thing is she still acts like her normal happy self. Poor baby girl is so used to being sick, she has to REALLY be sick for it to bring her down now.

Me & Nathan are doing great. We celebrated our 3 year wedding anniversary in November :) It seems impossible but I fall a little more in love with him everyday. He is my very best friend! Our jobs are going great. Nathan is still working at the prison and I'm still working at the allergy & asthma clinic. I love my job which makes it a lot easier having to go to work everyday. Aubrey also loves her daycare, so that definitely makes things easier as well. We are still loving living in HS. I miss my best friends but we still go down often & they come to see us too! We are planning a BFF vacation for Memorial Day & I hope it all works out because that will be a BLAST! :)

So, things are the same as always.. but that's fine with me. I wouldn't have my life any other way! :) Happy New Year & I'll try to be a better blogger :)