Thursday, March 25, 2010

Surprise Surprise

Shocking, I know, but guess who had to go to the doctor again on Monday? SIGH. I truly hope that one day I can look back on this blog and think "Wow, those were some bad times when Aubrey was sick all the time. I'm so glad she's ALWAYS healthy now!". Yes, that is my dream!! Now, I know I am blessed with an overall healthy little girl. It could be much, much worse & that is something I pray I never have to deal with. However, it is getting very frustrating having to take Aubrey to the doctor every 2 weeks!! We have seriously been at the doctor's office every 2 weeks since December. Anyway, I took her on Monday because she's had a really bad cough that gets super bad at nighttime. I thought maybe she needed a different inhaler or something, because the albuterol just wasn't touching it. The doctor checked her over & noted her throat was a little red. I mentioned that she just had RSV & Strep throat 2 weeks ago. He decided to do a strep test on her. Guess what the results were? POSITIVE. I was so disgusted, lol. I mean really!! She JUST had it!! So, he put her on amoxicillin for 10 days & we're to continue her breathing treatments for her cough. She's been on the antibiotic since Monday & treatments since then as well & her cough really still isn't much better. I'm going to give her a breathing treatment of Pulmicort tonight & see if that helps her. I'm thinking her cough is definitely asthma related, because a cough doesn't go with strep usually. One good thing is that Aubrey actually does her treatments by herself now (with us sitting there with her of course)! Just a few months ago she would fight them, so this is great progress! So anyway, there's our 2384039284093 sick update of this year.

Even when she's sick, she still acts happy 99% of the time, which is a blessing. Poor thing, I think she is just used to being sick that it really doesn't phase her. She seems to be doing fine with the exception of the cough during the night. We are taking her to Little Rock this weekend to go to the zoo & to The Wonder Place ( ). We are looking forward to it! I think she will have a blast!

I'll post another update after we go! Have a great week/weekend!

Friday, March 19, 2010

Lots to talk about!

Okay, it has been two weeks since I've posted, so I have a lot of ground to cover. I'm going to make a list about each topic I want to talk about & then I'll dig in. lol

  1. Aubrey's daycare closing
  2. Trip to Nana & Papa's house
  3. Tornado Warnings
  4. 3 Day weekend
  5. Trip to Fouke
  6. Aubrey's 1st Haircut
  7. Catelyn's birthday party
  8. Carla's birthday
  9. Day at the Park
  10. Nathan's birthday
  11. Spring Break
1. Aubrey's daycare is closing their infant & toddler classes on May 21st. I was SO VERY upset to find this out :( I cried!! I love Aubrey's daycare SOOOO much. It is so hard to have to leave her everyday, but I feel 110% comfortable with Aubrey's daycare, which makes it SOOO much easier to have to leave her. She has gone there since she was 7 weeks old! It just broke my heart to hear that they are closing. Aubrey loves her daycare so much. Everyday as we drive up to her daycare, she claps her hands together & says yay! She also has her own little personal attendant basically lol Sister Julie. Sister Julie is this sweet little (seriously, less than 5 feet tall lol) nun who has been Aubrey's teacher since she was a newborn. They are best friends. Sister Mary, who is the director of the daycare, said she has never seen Sister Julie have a favorite like Aubs before. lol! They are just so sweet. Both Sister Julie & Sister Mary came to visit Aubrey when she was in the hospital last year with RSV. That meant so much to me!!! Anyway, we looked at few different daycares & decided on a new one. I just PRAY that Aubrey & I love her new daycare as much as the one she goes to now. Her last day at her current daycare will be May 21st. She will start her new daycare June 21st. We're going on vacation June 9th-15th, so rather than starting her in a new place & having to pay for a week of daycare while on vacation, we decided to just keep her out until we get back. Nathan will keep her on his off days & my sister will keep her on the days we both have to work.

2. We went to Nana & Papa's house for the weekend & had a great time. We did what we usually do, shop shop shop! :) Aubrey had a lot of fun playing with my parent's dogs, Calvin & Anna. She especially loved Anna, who is actually our dog Parker's sister. lol She kept yelling Annnnna while playing outside with her. :) Too cute! Aubrey surprised me by staying awake the whole trip home from my parent's house (1.5 hours) when we came back after only taking a 20 minute nap that day! She regretted it the next day when she had to get up for daycare! She hadn't been in a week due to having strep throat & rsv & was used to sleeping in!

3. Last Wednesday night, Colleen was over & we had planned on going to get our eyebrows waxed & go to a consignment sale. My dad called us when we were on our way home from picking Aubrey up from daycare & said there were bad storms headed our way. We picked up some Wendy's & headed home. Not too long after that, we were in a tornado warning. Ugh! I hate bad storms like that! So off to Aubrey's closet we went! We sat in there for about 30-45 minutes. Aubrey did so good! I was so proud of her. I brought my laptop in the closet with us. I played her favorite song "Put a ring on it" by Beyonce LOL Aubs just danced her little heart out while hail was pounding our house! Thankfully, no tornado touched down around us & we eventually were able to come out of the closet!

4. I took off last Friday & was very glad to have a 3 day weekend! Me & Nathan took Aubrey to daycare (it was class picture day!) & then headed to Little Rock. We went to a consignment sale there & got Aubs some great stuff. Then we came back to Hot Springs & ate lunch at On the Border. Later that afternoon, I went & had my massage that Nathan got me for Valentine's Day. It was wonderful!! Then we picked Aubs up. We were going to take her to the park but it was too cold! :( All in all, it was a wonderful Friday off! :)

5. Last weekend we went to Fouke. First we went to Stylerz for haircuts. More on that next! Then we met up with Nathan's grandma & went to Lake Wright Patman to do some family pictures! It was SOOOO windy & pretty chilly, so I wasn't getting my hopes up too much about them. We did end up with a few very cute ones, in my opinion! :)

After that, we headed to Nathan's grandma's house to have a little get together with his grandparents & two aunts & their kids & his brothers. We had an early birthday party for Nathan :) After that we went to his dad's house & visited for a little bit & then to his mom's. Sunday, we went to church & to his grandma's for lunch. After that, we headed to Genoa for my BFF's daughter's birthday party! More on that soon too! It was a great weekend!

6. Aubrey had her First "Haircut" when we went to Texarkana. It was more like a trim, but hey, it still counts ;) lol She was so serious the whole time. I think she was worried! LOL! She did very good though! I'm hoping now her hair will grow faster & thicken up some!! She still has her little curls in the back, which I'm glad didn't go away with the cut!

7. Carla's little girl Catelyn turned 7 on March 10th & we went to her birthday party last Sunday. It was a "Fancy Nancy" themed party. All the little girls dressed in their fanciest attire. It was so cute!! We had a great time at the party! I can't believe Catie is 7. She was 4 when me & Carla became friends! Time flies!!

8. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ONE OF MY BESTEST FRIENDS, CARLA!!!! Her birthday was March 15th. Hope you had a great day!!!

9. Wednesday, we took Aubrey to the park & she had so much fun!! The slides are definitely her favorite now! She LOVED the swings last year. I put her in the swings on Wednesday & she was NOT a fan!! lol I was so suprised! She looked so scared/worried. She had a blast running around! After the park, we took her to eat at Chik Fil A. She got to play some more on the indoor playground there! It was a WONDERFUL day!!

10. Today (March 20th) is Nathan's birthday!! Happy Birthday to my VERY bestestestest friend!! We are going out to eat tonight after he gets off with his dad & his wife. Aubrey picked out her own present (well I did give her specific things to choose from lol) & card for Nathan! :) Hopefully he will like his gifts from us!

11. Spring break is next week & that means the doctor I work for will be gone all week! Since he is gone, I get to take off Wednesday afternoon, Thursday, & Friday! YAY! I'm so excited! We are going to take Aubrey to Memphis next Friday. We are going to go to the zoo there & also the Children's Museum. I've heard really awesome things about both! Hopefully she will have a great time, although I'm sure she will!! So I'm looking forward to a nice, relaxing week!

Whew, I think I am officially caught up! lol Longest post ever! Today, me & Aubrey went to 2 yard sales. I got her 2 Old Navy dresses, 2 capri sets, a pair of jeans, 3 pairs of pjs, & a pair of Nike shoes for $13 total! YAY! :) Tomorrow we are going to Little Rock to go to our last consignment sale for the season lol Hopefully I'll find a few more good deals. Her spring/summer section in her closet is already jam packed! It's just too much fun shopping for a little girl!

Well, I hope everyone has a great weekend!!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Coming Soon...

I know it's been forever since I've blogged but I have been so busy!! I am exhausted! I actually have NO plans at all for this weekend, so I *promise*I will blog then!! So stay tuned.... :)

Tuesday, March 2, 2010


Well, I took Aubrey to the doctor this morning. She has RSV & Strep Throat. :( My poor, pitiful baby girl! I'm not going to lie. After we left the doctor's office, I had a little breakdown. It is just SO frustrating that she is sick alllll the time. It makes me feel like a bad mom, even though I'm doing the best I can. I give her vitamins every day, she eats her healthy veggies everyday, always wears a jacket.... what else can I do?!?!?! :( :( :( She's on breathing treatments for the RSV & a Z Pack for the strep throat. She has to stay home from daycare until at least Friday. If her cough/congestion/fever is better by Friday, she can go back to school. We'll see how she does. Last year when she had RSV, she ended up hospitalized. Praying so hard that we can avoid that this time. Here's my sweet baby waiting on the results of her strep & RSV tests (which she was NOT thrilled with- nasal swab & throat swab- no fun at all!).

Any thoughts & prayers for my sweet girl would be very appreciated. She acts okay for the most part, just a little more clingy/whiney... she is a real trooper. <3

Monday, March 1, 2010

BUSY Weekend!!

I had a SUPER busy but VERY fun weekend!!

Saturday, Nathan & Aubrey had a daddy/daughter day while I headed to Texarkana. First, I stopped by Polka Dots & Lollipops, a big consignment sale that was going on. I got Aubrey a The Childrens Place tank top, a pair of Old Navy capris/pants, & a The Childrens Place bikini for $5.50 total. Can't beat that!!! Then I headed to get my hair cut, but my girl was really busy & I had no time to wait, so I'll go back the next time we come down. After that, I met up with Carla. We did a little shopping & grabbed some lunch. Then we took Elizabeth some Get Well Soon flowers & candy. :( She had the flu & couldn't go with us to Jennifer's house. We sure missed her! After Elizabeth's, we headed to Atlanta to meet the newest baby in the BFF circle!!!! Miss Peyton Olivia was born February 23rd, weighing 7 lbs 12 oz. She is soooo beautiful!! I'm so glad Jenn has officially joined the Mommy club! Now there are 6 kids between us 4 BFFs!! lol Poor Preston is the only boy! Anyway, we had a great time visiting with Jenn & Peyton. We did a photoshoot of Miss Peyton.

She is soooo cute!!! Before I knew it, it was time to head back towards Hot Springs. Nathan met me in Bismarck so I could get Aubs & we could go to Girls Night at my coworkers house, Shelly! We had a GREAT time.
Eating some yummy candy

Sharing with Spencer (he is 4 months younger than Aubs lol)

Walking in Momma's shoes ;)

She loved being a "momma" to Spencer. She kept giving him his "ba-ba" back & feeding him lol

Me & My Goofy Girl :)

Aubrey was definitely the entertainment of the night. lol She is soooo funny! All the girls were complimenting Aubrey on how smart & polite she was. Made her momma proud :D We headed home at 9:00. Aubrey totally passed out on the way home.

Sunday, I had to wake a passed out Aubrey up at 10:00 so we could get ready to meet my parents & brother in Little Rock (Colleen had to work & has no car since she wrecked-- thats a whole different story lol). We met them at The Purple Cow. It was not that great =\ After that, we went to another consignment sale that was going on there, Rhea Lana's. We got Aubs more great stuff. I finally found the zebra toy at a good price ($20), so of course I had to get that for Aubs! She LOVES it!! It was great visting with my family :) We headed back home & spent the rest of the day just relaxing.

Aubrey is, once again, sick. :( I think she has a sinus infection and/or upper respiratory infection. She is super congested, has a cough, & 102* fever. I will be calling her doctor in the morning. I feel so sad for my baby girl. She's dealt with being sick ENOUGH. I wish she would grow out of this soon!!!!

Anyway, I hope everyone had a great weekend & has a great week!