Monday, March 21, 2011

Aubs These Days :)

I feel like I haven't done a "What Aubs Is Doing Now" post lately, so here we go. It will be very random, as I try to think about allllllll the things she does now. She is one busy little girl!!

  • She can count to 20 in English, 10 in Spanish
  • She can spell her name & will tell you her name is "Aubrey Claire Williams" which actually sounds like "Aubee Cware Will-lems"
  • She can tell you how old she is when you ask her. Also, if you ask her what her favorite number is, she says "2". I think another favorite number is "28" though. She will randomly say this number often. Example: I asked Nathan what time it was, Aubs said "It's 28".
  • Despite her little size & lack of growth, the kid LOVES to eat! Some of her favorites are chicken nuggets, cheese, popsicles, ice cream, Dora snacks, poptarts, cookie cereal, & definitely candy (wonder where she gets that from?? :) )
  • She calls every place ___ house. Examples: Chick Fil A= Chicken House & Play House (lol she really says it just like that as we drive by... hey mommy, that's the chicken house AND the play house!). School= School house. My work= Marilyn, Cassidi, & Shelly's house (girls I work with. I guess she thinks they live there lol). Cici's= Pizza house. The list goes on & on. It's too cute!
  • She mostly calls us Mommy & Daddy, but has been shortening it to Mom & Dad some lately. It's kinda sad, lol It makes her seem a lot older!
  • She talks NON STOP. She asks 10 million questions a day, usually the same question repeatedly. I try to remind myself that she is inquisitive & learning... when I really want to just strangle her sometimes ;) It really is funny to think back to before she had her 1st set of tubes & I was soooo worried that she only said 3 words. Oh to go back to those days sometimes... ;)
  • She has been paci free since Valentine's Day!! This was a huge deal in our house! It actually went a LOT easier than I thought it would! She was watching Dora (as usual) on Vday night & it flashed back to the past... one of the characters, Benny, was a baby & had a paci. Aubs thought this was so funny. I said oh my goodness Aubrey, Swiper (another character lol) swiped your paci & gave it to Baby Benny! She loved the idea & I quickly turned around & said DITCH THE PACI to Nathan! She will now tell you if you ask what happened to her paci that Baby Benny has it. :)
  • Sometimes I ask Aubs what her favorites are. Here are her recent answers. Food: Chocolate (haha!), Number: 2, Color: Pink
  • She is obsessed with Dora the Explorer. I don't mind it since she actually learns from it. She also has recently started liking "Wugwats" aka Rugrats :) I loved that show when I was younger too.
  • She has known all of her shapes & colors for quite a while now.
  • We let her start staying up a little later in the past month or so. She now goes to bed between 8-8:30. During the week, I wake her up at 7:30 to get ready for school. On the weekends she will usually sleep until at least 8.
  • She loves playing outside. Today she told me "I LUB my swingset Mommy!" :)
  • She is full of funny quotes. Some of the most recent ones I can remember:
Me: What should Daddy get from the store?
Aubs: Dora Snacks, Crackers, Ice Cream, oh & some Beans. lol So random!

Aubs: Mommy, I'm counting the pickles on your arm! (Pickles= Freckles!)
  • Another big milestone in our house, Aubs is officially night time potty trained! She has been daytime trained since October. I am so glad to be done with diapers for a while!!

Well, that's all I can think of for now. She is so much fun & I feel so blessed to be a mommy to such a smart, beautiful, sweet little girl!

As usual, this blog entry wouldn't be complete without a sickie report @@ We were in Texarkana this weekend & I thought Aubs felt warm. I checked her temp and it was 101.6. She seemed to be doing okay. She went to bed that night around 7 & woke up at 5:30am whimpering in her sleep. I got her up & she instantly fell back asleep on me. She was so clammy & kept whining in her sleep :( When she did wake up, she was sooo pitiful. Very lethargic, could barely walk, etc. We rushed back to Hot Springs to take her to the doctor (no pediatricians were open in Texarkana on Sunday). The verdict? Aubs has strep throat, AGAIN!! This is the 3rd time she's had it since having her tonsils & adenoids removed in December. I am sooooo not happy!! It's just insane that she keeps getting it over & over, especially with no tonsils!! She's on another antibiotic & has to go back to the doctor next Tuesday to be rechecked to make sure the antibiotics are actually working or if the strep is just never going away. Hopefully we will get a good report!

Oh and on another medical note, we have an appt scheduled for Aubs at Arkansas Children's Hospital June 8th. She will see the endocrine specialist & hopefully we'll get some answers on why she's not growing. It's not that noticeable to us, but whenever she is around my bff's kids, it becomes VERY obvious. All of my friends kids are bigger or the same size as Aubrey & Aubs is 19 months, 13 months, & 6 months older than them :( Definitely praying about that situation!

Hope everyone has a great week! My doctor is out of town this week for Spring Break, so it should be a nice laid back week at work for me! :)

Wednesday, March 9, 2011


I am so TIRED. I feel like I can never get enough sleep. We have been so busy lately. We have been going to Texarkana just about every weekend because I have a lot of people wanting to do pics there. It's fun, but exhausting!!

This weekend we are going back again. I'm doing some pictures & we're also going to Catelyn's 8th birthday party!! I can't believe Catie is going to be 8. She is growing up too fast, along with Aubrey & the rest of my bff's kiddos!!

I am hoping to do some pictures of Aubs soon. I have barely been taking pics of her lately (besides cell phone pics) and that is sooooooo unlike me! We have just been on the go go go!!

I am ready for June ;) My grandma is coming down & I'm taking a week off to spend time with her. We're also having Aubrey's birthday party in June so that my grandma can attend. I loveeee planning birthday parties!! We're going to have it at the same place we had her 1st birthday party. Aubs wants a Dora party this year, so that's what she's going to have. Of course I would rather have a different themed birthday party, but it's HER birthday party, so who am I to tell her no Dora party!? It will be a cute Dora party ;)

I have pictures scheduled for almost every weekend from now until May... so I am one tired, busy, & blessed momma!! :)