Sunday, January 25, 2009

From My Myspace

I'm horrible at keeping up with blogs =\ But here is a blog I posted to my myspace this morning, plus a few pictures :)

Time is flying...
I can not believe how fast time is going by these days. It seems like I was just pregnant & now I have a 6 & a half month old baby!

Aubrey is doing wonderful. Like I said, she is now 6 & a half months old. She is so adorable & such a good baby! She was hospitalized on January 15th because she got very dehydrated while she had RSV. She also had a double ear infection. :( Poor baby. Thankfully, we only had to stay overnight & she was back to her smiley self the next day! It was so sad seeing her so sick & I hope I don't have to see her like that again anytime soon!

Aubrey now weighs 13 lbs 8 oz. She has gained 8 lbs 2 oz since birth. She is now 24.5 inches long, which means she has grown 6 inches since birth. She is still so little compared to other 6 month olds, but she is growing! She is just destined to be a little girl! She can now sit up unassisted. She holds her own bottle and feeds herself 99% of the time (she is Miss Independent & sometimes gets mad if we try to hold her bottle!). She sleeps in her own room in her crib now. She is trying to learn how to crawl. She can scoot, but no real crawling yet. She is eating stage 2 baby foods mixed with cereal 2-3 times a day. She loves her baby food! We barely have enough time to get more on the spoon before she is opening her mouth wanting more again! She is such a happy baby, she smiles all the time :) She is definitely the best blessing God has given us!

Me & Nathan are doing great. He is an amazing daddy to Aubrey. I love watching the two of them interact. I can tell Aubrey is going to be a daddy's girl already. Nathan is still working at the prison & he loves his job. I love my job as well :) Our life seems pretty close to perfect these days.

Well, I just wanted to give an update on little Miss Aubrey Claire. Before I know it she will be turning one and walking & talking... :)

Feeling better at the hospital
First day at the hospital, very sick! :(

Getting ready to go home!

She *loves* her walker!

My precious baby girl! :)