Thursday, July 9, 2009

One Year

I can not believe my baby girl turned 1 year old on July 7th. Where did the time go? Everyone told me it would go by fast. I knew it would, but not that fast! Geez! A year ago I had a teeny tiny baby girl, weighing only 5 lbs 6 oz. Now, I have a very energetic little girl, weighing 17 lbs 9 oz. The love I have for Aubrey is undescribable. There are simply no words to explain how I feel everytime I look at her; she is my world & I would do anything & everything for her. She has been such a wonderful baby this past year, she really makes being a mom easy. I am almost scared to have another baby, lol. Surely the next one will be a terror since Aubrey was such a good & easy going baby! This past year holds so many memories of watching Aubrey grow from a tiny baby into a smart & outgoing one year old. She is walking all over the place now. :) She eats mostly all table foods now, with one baby food fruit & veggie a day as well. She is making the switch to real milk. We have almost completely weaned her from bottles. Sometimes she still wants one at bedtime, so that's the last one we have to tackle. She finally is working on her 1st tooth :) We are having her 1st birthday party on Saturday, Princess themed of course ;) I am truly blessed to have such a beautiful little girl as my daughter. I thank God for every day He gives me with Aubrey & Nathan. <3

Here is Aubrey's birthday party invitation, which shows a picture of her from each month from birth until 1 year :) (I whited out our information lol)

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Awesome Give Away

My friend, Gena, has an amazing give away going on right now. Please visit to check out the give away. What is being given away?? A Hoover Vacuum!! Please go check it out now! :) Give away ends S-O-O-N! Don't miss out! :)