Sunday, February 21, 2010

Shopping & Vacation Fun

This weekend has been pretty good so far. Yesterday, me & Aubs went to Duck Duck Goose & I got her a few (more) things there. lol I already went Wednesday & Thursday, but yesterday was half price day! Then we came home & Aubs slept for 3.5 hours. When she got up from her nap, we headed to Arkadelphia to meet up with my sister. We ate at Tamollys & then we went to Walmart. Colleen had to go to work at 5, so we headed back to Hot Springs. We stopped by TJ Maxx on our way home, but didn't find anything good. I had planned on sleeping in this morning, but my throat is hurting really badly & woke me up. I hope I'm not getting laryngitis. My voice keeps coming & going. Nathan's alarm didn't go off this morning, so he left in a rush this morning. I wish he could have been off today.

Today, (even though I really don't feel very good) I'm going shopping with my sister. Being a little sick won't stop me from shopping! I'm going shopping for Aubrey's spring/summer wardrobe. I participated in a big consignment sale called Duck Duck Goose this week. I entered all of Aubrey's clothes from last spring/summer. I love doing these because it feels like I don't have to really spend money on her new clothes, the new clothes just replace the old ones! I did have a hard time at first, selling her clothes. Now I just know that even if we do have another girl in the future, I will want to buy her new stuff anyway, so I might as well sell Aubrey's old stuff. I do save some of the special things, like her coming home outfit, 1st Easter dress, etc. :) Anyway, I made $180 in the sale this week. I am so excited! I can't wait to use that money & get Aubrey a bunch of new, cute outfits! I hope it starts warming up soon. I am so tired of it being cold! I'm also very bored with Aubrey's winter wardrobe. lol It just seems like I've been putting the same clothes on her for MONTHS now. Time to move on to warmer & brighter weather!

Yesterday, I booked our tickets for New York!! I'm so excited! We are going to visit my grandma again this summer. She is 86 years old so travelling down here is getting harder for her. Aubrey is her only great grandchild, so of course my grandma loves to see her when she can. We are going June 9th-15th. I'm really looking forward to it! We had a great time last year. Hopefully this year our trip to NYC will go a little better. Last year, I forgot Aubrey's bottles at my grandma's house, so Aubrey was not a happy camper for a few hours! Then it started to rain while we were trying to make our way back to the train station & got completely soaked. And to top it off, a train in front of us derailed & we were delayed for about 1.5 hours on our way back to my grandma's! Hopefully travelling with a nearly 2 year old won't be too hard. :)

I hope everyone has had a great weekend & has a great week! <3 I don't think she has changed much, except for getting more hair ;)

This picture cracks me up!! lol

Boo! :)

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Word Count

Just for my own memory, I want to write down all the words Aubrey can say now, at 19 months.
Ho Ho Ho
Uh Oh
Bye Bye
Bless You
Thank You
Beep Beep
Poo Poo
Pee Pee
Ni-Ni (Night Night)

That's all I can think of right now. There is probably a few others I'm forgetting! That's a total of 48 & her pediatrician said by age 2 she should be saying 50, so she is doing fantastic! I am so thrilled. She has improved SOOOO much on her vocabulary since getting the tubes in her ears. They have been a miracle worker!!!!

Of course, I can't post a blog without a pic or two of the princess! :)

*I've thought of a few more words Aubs can say: there, that, all done, more, & ba-ba (bottle). So yay, she's past the 50 she should be at, at age 2! :)

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Weekly Update

Time to review the past week ;)

Monday: It snowed overnight & Aubrey's daycare was closed. We were going to keep her home anyway because she was still running fever Sunday night. She finally was better by Monday night! I went to work for about an hour & came home sick. I guess I got Aubrey's virus. My stomach hurt SO bad. I never actually got sick, but I felt awful. I came home & slept for 3 straight hours! We just had a lazy day at home together.

Tuesday: Aubrey's daycare was closed again, so Aubrey stayed home with Nathan. They had a good time at home together :) I felt a little better & went back to work.

Wednesday: Aubrey went back to daycare for the 1st time since the past Wednesday! She was glad to be back :) She loves her daycare!! Just a normal day for us. I got off early & came home & started some laundry. Then I picked Aubs up early from daycare & we went back up to my work to visit for a little bit. Aubrey ate almost an entire bowl of guacamole that Cassidi had made. She was loving it!!! (However, I did not love the diaper that followed this a day later!).

Thursday: It started snowing again when I was on my way home from Benton. Colleen had picked Aubs up from daycare. We had planned on going out to eat, but I brought home KFC instead since the snow was starting to come down harder. Colleen passed out on the couch at like 8. lol

Friday: We ended up getting about 1.5 inches of snow. It was so pretty :) The roads were good though, so Aubs still went to daycare. I made Aubrey another snow midget before we left, lol. She had fun running around out back. She took cupcakes to school for Valentine's day. She was so excited about them. She kept staring at them & saying "ooooh!!" hahaha. We kept Kaden (our 3 month old nephew) Friday night. Aubrey loved playing with him & kept saying "baby!" over & over! She was so helpful. Keeping Kaden definitely helped me on my decison on when to have another baby. We have decided we definitely want to wait until Aubrey is a lot older, as in 4-6 years old. I just felt so guilty not being able to give Aubrey all of my attention on Friday night while I was taking care of Kaden. I also hated having to tell her "no" so many times, even though she was really just trying to help. I want her to be our "baby" for a few more years before we bring another baby into the picture. I think we will start trying for another baby when I have to have my iud taken out (they only last 5 years), so that is about 3.5 years away.

Saturday: I had planned on taking Aubrey & Kaden to Sears to have their pictures done together & we were going to keep Kaden Saturday night too, but I woke up sick again Saturday morning!! So, we drove to Prescott & met Nathan's aunt Amy who said he would keep Kaden that night since we weren't going to. We had lunch with Amy & Morgan before heading back home. When we got home, I took a 3 hour nap. Those seem to help me when I'm not feeling good! Then we just had a lazy day at home!

So, there's the week in review ;) haha It's been a pretty good week. Nathan got me a massage at a local spa for Valentine's day! I was so surprised & excited!! Ever since my wreck, my back/neck is always messed up & massages really help! It was a very thoughtful present!

Aubrey seems to be learning a new word every day. She cracked me up one day this week when I burped really loud & she looked at me & said "Excuse you!!" hahaha! I didn't even know she knew how to say that, let alone in the right context! Her favorite word right now is "Thank you!". She always knows when to say it & it is so adorable!

Well, I hope everyone has a Happy Valentine's Day! We are just having a nice day at home together! Wouldn't want to spend the day with anyone else besides my two loves!! :)

Sunday, February 7, 2010

The Joys of Parenthood

I love, love, love being a mom. I seriously feel like being a mom is the one thing I was destined to do. I have never felt so "right" or happy with anything else. It is the best thing ever to me. However, this weekend, I've experienced some "joys of parenthood" I would be perfectly happy to never experience again!! And no, I'm not naive, I know this is ONLY the beginning!

I'm 99.9% sure Aubrey has rotavirus. :( Like I said in my last post, she threw up during the night Wednesday night. She stayed home with Nathan on Thursday & had two very nasty diarrhea diapers. Friday, she was completely fine. We went to Fouke for Nathan's dad's wedding & she seemed fine the entire day/night! Yesterday, me, my mom, & Aubs were on our way to start our day of shopping. We had a very busy day planned! Just as we were pulling into the TJ Maxx parking lot, our first stop of the day, Aubrey puked EVERYWHERE. It was like she was a water faucet. Poor baby girl!!! I felt so bad for her. I pulled into a parking spot to undress her & before I could even get her clothes off she threw up again. I stripped her down to just her diaper (I of course, had no extra outfit with us which is unusual for us). I put her back in her seat (which I tried my very best to clean out with baby wipes & her jacket) & wrapped her up in her blanket & we headed back home. I put her down for a nap & she slept for 4 hours. When I went to get her up, I found her almost completely covered from chest to toes in diarrhea. :( Soooo incredibly nasty!! We HATE rotovirus! So needless to say, I've done a LOT of laundry this weekend. I seriously wanted to just buy her a new carseat rather than take it apart to wash. The smell was awful!!!

Today, she hasn't vomited or had diarrhea, but she is barely eating, so that's probably why. She is still running a fever, so she will stay home with Nathan tomorrow. Her doctor said if she was still sick tomorrow, we would need to bring her in. Hopefully she will be better by tomorrow morning. She has been extra clingy, which is something she does when she really doesn't feel good. Oh & the fact that she is pretty much avoiding all food, that is a big sign something is not right with our baby girl!

In other news, Aubrey is 19 months old today. I can't believe she is now closer to the age 2 instead of 1! Time is just flying by. I don't have a big post written up. I have been so busy with her being sick. Not much has changed since 18 months. She has added some more words to her vocabulary. I will have to post on that soon. She is such a big girl now & seems so intelligent. I know most parents think their babies are smart but we get told how smart she is from others too so I don't think I'm being too obnoxious thinking she's a little smartie ;)

I'll post again later this week with pictures from the wedding. Congratulations to Nathan's dad, Chad & Pam. They seem VERY happy! I know how wonderful a happy marriage can be. I am blessed to have been in one myself for a little over 3 years now. I thank God everyday for putting Nathan into my life. He is my very best friend & I love him with all of my heart!!

This is already way longer than I wanted it to be, sorry for all the details on the puke/diarrhea but I want to remember this stuff in a few years, so details are key ;) Hope everyone else had a great weekend!

Thursday, February 4, 2010


Well, we almost made it two weeks with Aubs not being sick! ALMOST. Then the nasty stomach virus hit my poor baby girl! I went to wake her up this morning to get her ready for daycare & before I even opened her door I could smell something BAD. :( She had thrown up sometime during the night. I feel so bad that I didn't hear her!! Luckily, Nathan was off today, so he stayed home with her. She has slept most of the day. She slept from 10:15-3:00 & went back to sleep again at 4:15 & is still sleeping. Nathan said she had some really nasty diapers today too & that he had to use "half the wipe box!" LOL! I'd rather deal with that than the throw up. I literally was gagging this morning!! GROSS!

Hopefully she will be better in the morning. We have plans to go to Fouke tomorrow for Nathan's dad's wedding. If it comes down to it, I'll stay home with Aubrey so Nathan can still go. From what I hear, this virus that's been going around has been a 24 hour bug so hopefully Aubrey will be better & we can all go.

Not much has been going on this week. Just the same ole same ole :) I have been getting all of Aubrey's stuff ready to sell at Duck Duck Goose. It is a big consignment sale that we have here twice a year. I have 100 items to sell, so hopefully I'll make a good amount of money so I can turn right back around & spend it on Aubrey's spring/summer wardrobe!

Well, that's about it for now. Just wanted to do a quick update. Please pray for Aubrey that she will be well again soon. Also keep my BFF's daughter, Catie, in your thoughts & prayers too. She's been running a high fever & has a respiratory infection. It's just no fun when your babies are sick!!

Here's a few pics from this week:

I don't even know why we buy toys?! She had SO much fun playing in this box!

Aubrey & Aunt Lee Lee watching American Idol... Aubs still in the box of course! LOL!

Seriously.... so cute!!! :)

Playing in her tent/tunnel :)