Sunday, May 24, 2009

Where Does The Time Go?

This is me at this time last year. I was almost 32 weeks pregnant. I thought I still had 8 weeks left until I would meet my baby girl. I actually only had 6 weeks left. Miss Aubrey Claire decided to grace us with her presence 2 weeks & 1 day early. I was very happy about that! I can not believe how fast this past year has gone!! It is so bittersweet. It's so exciting to see Aubrey growing & learning new things every day, but at the same time I miss when she was still just a teeny newborn.

Aubrey is doing great. She will be 11 months old on June 7th. We are planning her first birthday party. It will be on July 11th. We're having it at a church that has an indoor playground. I have everything picked out for her party already, cake, decorations, etc. Aubrey last went to the doctor on May 15th (she had a viral infection) and weighed 17 lbs 1 oz! She is a growing girl!! She just thinks she is so grown up now. She tries to stand up to anything, even my legs, lol. She is crawling all over the place & into everything. We are taking her up to my work on Wednesday to have her allergy tested for milk. I pray that she has outgrown her allergy! She is missing out on some good foods because of it! She still doesn't have ANY teeth! lol I think she might be teething, but I really have no idea. I've thought that numerous times over the past 4-5 months & no teeth have ever showed up! I am so blessed to have such a beautiful baby girl as my daughter!

Here are a few pictures from yesterday. I had to get this dress when I saw it at a consignment sale, because it's the same dress Aubrey wore home from the hospital (although that one was preemie size and TOO big on Aubrey then!).