Saturday, April 17, 2010

Bad Blogger

I am guilty of being a bad, bad blogger lately. I have just been SOOO busy & haven't had the time to sit down & blog. It's been a good while, so I'm not sure I can catch up on EVERYTHING, but I will do my best :) Right now I am waiting on my mom to get here & for Aubrey to wake up, so I have a little bit of time!

Since my last update, we took Aubrey to Little Rock. She had so much fun! We took her to the zoo & to The Wonder Place, which is an indoor activity place for toddlers. It was so funny. We were at the zoo & Nathan was pointing out the gorilla's to Aubs, & Aubs got sooooooooo excited.... about a BIRD flying by. LOL She can see birds all the time & that was what she was most excited about? Silly girl!!

We had a wonderful Easter. My mom came down on Thursday before Easter & kept Aubrey for us on Good Friday. Aubrey's daycare was closed & me & Nathan both had to work. Nana & Aubs had a great day together! Saturday we dyed Easter eggs for the first time which was a lot of fun. Aubs did great at it! There were only 2 minor spillage accidents, where Super Nana was quick to clean up the mess! lol Super Momma was behind the camera lens of course ;) Easter Sunday we went to Fouke. We went to church & then to Nathan's grandma's & then to his other grandma's house. It was a good day spent with family.

Last weekend, we went to Fouke again for one of my best friend's from high school's wedding. Amanda looked so beautiful & I'm so happy for her! Aubrey had SOOOO much fun. OMG it was hilarious. She tore the dance floor UPPPPP! I didn't even know she had some of the moves in her that she showed us that night LOL She is so full of personality! I am really loving this age right now!!

This week proved to be interesting, when I took Aubrey to the doctor on Monday. I was taking her due to her asthma. I have been giving her Pulmicort breathing treatments but I was out of samples so I needed to take her to her doctor. She was officially diagnosed with asthma, but we saw that coming a long time ago. Kinda hard to avoid when you've had RSV twice & a STRONG family history. The good news is we have her on the right treatment now that is really helping her. She does so good with her treatments now too. She holds them in place & waits for her tootsie roll reward at the end :) Anyway, while we were at the doctor, her doctor went to check her ears, as he usually does. Well guess what? Aubrey had an earring back lodged INSIDE her ear!!!! I was in shock. She did lose an earring, but it was well over a month ago. We have been to the night clinic since then & they never said anything about having an earring back in her ear! UGH! Her pediatrician tried to get it out but he said it was lodged too deep. So, we had to go see an ENT on Tuesday to get it out! That was AWFUL!!! They papoosed her which means they laid her on this board & velcroed her arms & legs down. There was this lady who I guess was in training or something & she tried to get it out & tried & tried & couldn't do it. Poor Aubrey was crying sooooo hard "MOMMMY NOOOOOOO OWWWW NOOOO MOMMMYYY" :( It was so heartbreaking!!! Finally the lady gave up & the dr reached right in & got it. It really aggravated me that the doctor didn't do it from the get go. I understand that the other girl needs to train, but please, train on adults, not my sweet one year old!! So anyway, we are glad that freak accident is over & done with!!

That's about all the exciting news I have for now. I will try to be a better blogger again ;) I'll post again later this weekend with some pictures. :)