Sunday, October 17, 2010

Big Girl

This week was a big week for Aubrey! It seems like she went from being my baby to a big girl very quickly this week! Here's some new things she learned & did for the first time!

  • Learned how to pedal her tricycle by herself
  • Converted her crib to a toddler/daybed
  • Started telling me she had to go pee in the potty... and actually went!
  • Went down the big slide at the park all by herself (she used to be terrified!)
It's amazing to me how fast Aubs is growing up. I barely even remember when she was a little baby anymore. It's sad & exciting all at the same time. I love watching her grow.. she is so smart & cute! :) Here are some pictures of her new exciting adventures from this week!

Sunday, October 10, 2010


I love when children use manners & are so polite. I am very proud of Aubrey because she has been doing AWESOME with using her manners lately! She almost always says please when asking for something. It's very rare that she doesn't say thank you after getting what she asked for. She also says excuse me if you are in her way. She says Bless You if you sneeze (sometimes she even says this if you cough, lol). We are now working on Yes & No Ma'am/Sir. She sounds so cute while saying it! Two of my favorite "manner" stories of Aubrey this week:

1. One day this week, we were out back playing. Aubrey went down her slide & Parker was standing at the end of it. She almost hit Parker while sliding down & she said "Excuse me, Parker!"

2. Last night, she sat down to eat dinner. I already had her bowl of food on the table & she looked at me and so sweetly said "Thank you for the food, Mommy!" and I said "You're welcome, Aubrey!" & she said "Thank you thank you!" again. hahaha :) That's more appreciation than I even get from Nathan when it comes to dinner! ;)

We've had a great weekend together. Aubrey had a blast on Friday spending the day with her Nana! Nana brought lots of presents from her & Papa. Aubs loved all of them! Great weekend!

Monday, October 4, 2010


I can't believe, at the age of 2, my daughter already has smart mouth answers, lol! It really is quite funny. Today, on our way home from work/daycare, I asked her what she had for lunch. She looks at me like I am sooo stupid & in a very sassy tone says, "Food, Mommy!". hahaha!

Another funny Aubrey quote from this weekend:

Nathan was in the bathroom & Aubrey ran to the door & said "KNOCK KNOCK!" Nathan said "Who is it??" & Aubrey instantly replied "AUBREY, DADDY!" hehehe.. Nathan asked "What are you doing?" and she said "Watching Dora & Boots!!". Nathan said "You can't be watching Dora if you're in here..." & she said "OH!" and took off running back to the living room to finish watching Dora. :)

Aubrey is sooooo Dora obsessed lately. She is constantly saying "I wanna watch Dora and Boots!" We only have one Dora dvd right now. She has watched it probably 50 times, in the past month. lol She has seen it so many times, that she says what is going to happen, before it even happens! We just signed up for Netflix, so she'll be getting her own Dora deliveries soon. Last week, while driving to daycare, Aubs was eating some fruit snacks. She put one in her mouth & said "Yum, yum, delicioso!" Then, last night at dinner, she pushed her bowl away from her and said "Empuje" which sounds like am-boo-hey & it means push in Spanish. Sooooo funny!

More Aubrey quotes to come later this week I'm sure... she never fails to make me smile with the crazy things she says! :)