Sunday, May 16, 2010

Weekend Fun

Another great weekend has gone by way too fast! This weekend, me, my mom, Colleen, & Aubrey went to Little Rock. I wanted to go to The Children's Place to get a dress for Aubrey for our family pictures coming up on June 6th. I also decided to have her pictures done at JC Penney's while we were there. They turned out pretty cute :) I was very mad to find out that the mall we were at did NOT have a The Children's Place!! What the heck! It was a big mall so I guess I just expected it to be there! We have to go back in 2 weeks anyway to pick Aubrey's pictures up, so we'll just go to where TCP is at then (different location!).

This week is Aubrey's last week at her daycare! I am so, so, so sad :( I know it's probably going to be worse on me than it is her (which I'm thankful for), but still... ugh. I just feel like Aubrey will essentially be losing one of her "2nd moms". She goes to daycare M-F 8-5... add up the hours, that's a lot of time spent at daycare. Sister Julie has been with her since she started there at 7 weeks old. It just makes me really sad that they won't be able to see each other anymore. :( Sister Julie said she wants to give me her email so I can send her pictures of Aubrey. HAHA, that shouldn't be a problem!! Aubrey will start her new daycare when we get back from New York. We were going to have her start June 21st, but go figure, that's the one week in the summer the new daycare is closed. So, she will start the next week, June 28th. My mom is going to watch her the days we both work the June 21st week. Yay for Nana! I'm really hoping Aubrey being out of daycare for over a month doesn't have a negative effect on her. Her life is so structured right now, so that's why I worry. I think she will be fine though.

The house is coming along great! They said it should be finished in 3 weeks! YAY! We should close right when we get back from New York. I am so excited & can't wait to move in!! The deck is finished, they are mudding the walls now, & laying sod outside.

Just a few more weeks until we leave for New York & I can't wait! We are in need of a vacation! It will be so nice to spend an entire week together as a family! Nathan may be getting a M-F job at the prison sometime soon... we are keeping our fingers crossed & praying a lot about that. Hopefully it will work out because that would be a great blessing to our family! I'm also praying my dad gets the job he applied for in Bryant. It's only about 30 minutes away from us & that would be SO SO SO amazing to have my parents so close!!!!

Well, here's a few pictures from Aubrey's photo shoot yesterday at JCP. Hope everyone had a great weekend!!

and just for fun...

She is really growing up way too fast! <3 I love you, Aubrey Claire!!!! <3

Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Aubrey is talking SOOOO much now. It's impossible to try to do a "word" count on how many words she can say now, like I've done in the past. Some of her words crack me up though! Here are a few of my favorite "Aubrey" words & what they stand for :)

do do ike el= motorcycle
die= fly
see al= cereal
jew= juice
pane= plane
yee yee= lee lee (aunt lee lee)
ya ya= kayannah (her best friend at school)
you eee= julie (for sister julie, her lil personal nun at school lol)
how side= outside
hide= slide

Those are just a few of my favorites that I can think of right now. It is so cute hearing her talk ALL THE TIME now. Sometimes I try to tell her "Let's play the quiet game". She always loses ;)

Last night, Aubrey had a dream I guess about her best friend (Kayannah). It was so cute... she mumbled something on the monitor & then said YAYA! & then mumbled some more! hahaha! Today when I picked Aubs up at daycare, she had on this cute little apron. Sister Julie said it was for Aubrey to keep. I'm not sure if Sister Julie made it for her or not, but it's just the perfect size for Aubrey. It's too cute & funny!

Hope everyone had a great day! I'm ready for the weekend already!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Shame on Me

Okay, I've reallllly been sucking as a blogger lately. I've missed way too much these past few weeks! It would take FOREVER to go back & reblog about it all... so now my goal is to catch up from this weekend & BE A BETTER BLOGGER! lol

Saturday, we went to Texarkana. We stopped by St. Michael's & visited Nathan's great grandma who is in the hospital. After that, we had some lunch at On The Border. Then we headed to Fouke & went to a yard sale. I got a lot of cute things for Aubrey for cheap! :) Aubrey had the nastiest explosive diaper ever at the yard sale. WOW. I'm glad I found a cute summer outfit while we were there so I could change her. Nasty! After that, we went & visted Nathan's Aunt Gloria Jo. I love her so much!! She reminds me so much of my grandma who died in 2005. Then we headed back to Texarkana for a get together with my BFFs. We had a great time!! We ate some yummy finger foods & then sat outside & watched the kids play (including some of the big kids, me included haha!). I left my camera at home (shocking, I know!), so I didn't get any pics :( You can check out my BFFs page for pics from the night though ( We got home late Saturday night.

Mother's Day was a great day. My one gift request was to sleep in. I did just that & slept til 9:30! Aubrey & Nathan were lazy & slept until 10:45! Aubrey ate breakfast & played for a little bit & then was ready for a nap at 12:00. I decided to take a nap too around 2:00. When I woke up at 3:30, that little stinker was STILL asleep! She finally woke up around 4:00! We went & looked at the house after she ate some lunch. It's coming a long great!! I can't wait to move in! They have all of the sheetrock done. They have started on the back deck & doing the dirtwork for the yard & driveway! When we got home, I spent FOREVER hanging up all of Aubrey's clothes. Wow, that kid has way too many!! It's so much fun shopping for her though :) While I was in her room, she came running in & said HERE MOMMY! She had colored a homemade Happy Mother's Day card for me. :) It was sooo cute & she was so proud of it! She had the biggest smile on her face! She also made me a cute little plant at school. Tonight it actually has two little "stems" instead of just one, like in this picture lol.

Little Miss Lazy Pants was back in bed at 7:00.. guess she had a hard day on Saturday & was trying to catch up on her sleep! I have never felt sooooooooo happy as I do being a mommy to Aubrey. She just makes my whole world PERFECT!! I love her SOOOOOOOOOO much!!!

Today was a good day.. just the same ole same ole. Aubrey is ADDICTED to cereal. She ate 3 bowls of it for breakfast on Saturday & Sunday. I left the box out on the table & it's what she insisted on having for dinner. I fixed her some cavatini at first & she pushed it to the side & kept saying "see-al" "see-al"! So, see-al is what she got. lol At least it's somewhat healthy! She had 3 bowls tonight too! Oinker!!

I'm already ready for the weekend lol. I'm taking my mom to lunch for her Mother's Day present & as usual, we'll have a great weekend together while Nathan works. Okay, that gets me caught up for the past weekend, hopefully I can stay caught up again! :)

Saturday, May 1, 2010


I have lots of random stuff to post about, but the most exciting gets the title of this post :) We are soooo thrilled & excited because in June, we will be 1st time home owners!! It has happened VERY fast but we are feeling SOOOO blessed!!! I found a new neighborhood that is being built & I casually mentioned it to Nathan (to keep in mind for the next 1-2 years when we thought we would start looking to buy a house). Well, Nathan was bored on his day off, so he decided to call a realtor & go take a look (the neighborhood is gated, so he couldn't just drive in by himself). Well, the next thing we know, we're getting approved for a mortgage & signing a contract on our new house!! :) It will be a 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom, 2 car garage house! It's the perfect size for us!! I am not trying to brag by any means, but I do have to say that I am just very proud of me & Nathan. Not many 23 year olds are in the same place as us. I just feel so incredibly BLESSED to have the husband of my dreams, the most adorable little daughter, & now a house! It feels like my life can't get ANY better! Here is a picture of what will soon be our house!

Anyway, I have a lot more to write about but I'll have to do that at another time! Time to cook dinner now! :)