Monday, May 2, 2011

Aubrey Quotes

Aubrey is at such a fun age. I honestly wish I could just record her 24-7 (except maybe when she's being bad ;) Which luckily is rare. She is a very good kid!). She constantly has us cracking up at the things she says or does! Here are a few recent things that I wanted to write down so I can remember one day!

  • Nathan took Aubrey with him to Lowes this weekend. They were walking through the garden department & a sprinkler was going. Aubs got very serious and said LISTEN DAD. It's a SNAKE! Nathan tried to explain to her that it wasn't a snake, but a sprinkler. She refused to believe that. She kept insisting that it was a snake because it was saying ssss ssss ssss. Nathan said several people were giggling over this situation :)
  • We built a flower bed this weekend in our front yard. It was getting close to Aubrey's naptime & I told her we were about to have to go in for naptime. She said I want to nap out here, in my NEW bed, my FLOWER BED. ;)
  • Whenever you ask Aubrey why Mommy goes to work, she replies "to make money to buy me new clothes!"
  • This morning Aubrey wanted to watch a show that I am not a fan of. I told her no & she said "But MOM, it's COOL!". Umm yes, she's 2, not 13!!
  • One day Nathan hadn't shaved. Aubs felt his face & said Eww, Dad, your face is dirty!
I know there are more stories that I'm forgetting! She is just so funny & smart! She definitely has my attitude haha!! Not sure if that's a good thing or not ;) As usual, she's getting over being sick. She had strep throat AGAIN. O-M-G. That makes January, February, March, & April that she's had it!! EVERY month since she had her tonsils out in December!! Not a happy momma! She also got Strep while on an antibiotic for a sinus infection. So now we think she's immune to another antibiotic =\ Her doctor put her on a new antibiotic that she's never had before. Hopefully we won't deal with strep anymore this year!!! We've had ENOUGH!

I can't believe it's May! Time just fliesssssssss by! I'll have a 3 year old before I know it!