Sunday, September 26, 2010

Phone Calls

Aubrey loves calling her Nana & Papa on the phone. She will just blabber away to them. One day this week, she called her Nana on the way home from daycare. She said "Hi Nana! Hi Papa! Hi Tirt!" (Tirt= Uncle Kurt). Nana told Aubrey that Kurt wasn't there, that he went bye-bye. Aubrey asked "Where Tirt go??". We told her he went to the Army. She sat there for a minute processing this, saying "Tirt go to Army?"... then she said "Where Army??" lol It was so cute.

Last night, she wanted to call Papa. They had a nice little conversation & then I was talking to Papa. Aubrey was being bad & I said "Do you want Papa to hear you get a spanking?" to which she IMMEDIATELY replied "Yeah!!!" hahaha She is so rotten!

Saturday, September 25, 2010


My heart is so full of love & happiness. There is absolutely no greater feeling than being a mom! I love this little girl SOOOOOOOOOOO very much!!!! I am so thankful that God blessed me with a *wonderful* husband & then He blessed us with our precious little girl!! We may not be rich, famous, etc, but I can honestly say as long as I have Aubrey & Nathan in my life, I am completely & totally happy!! <3 <3 <3

Laundry Lover

Aubrey has always loved helping with the laundry. She loves for me to hand her things to put into the dryer. Well, this week, she has upped her laundry loving as she learned how to fold! ;) She is making her momma proud! Hopefully she will continue her love for laundry, as her momma HATES it!!!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

"Don't want it"

Aubrey has learned the phrase "don't want it/to/etc" and uses it excessively these days. Sometimes it's cute, sometimes it's funny, & other times it's downright frustrating. lol Tonight was a frustrating night. She was refusing to eat her chicken n dumplings. She kept pushing her bowl away saying "I don't want it." We made her sit there for a while to see if she would eat. She kept refusing & saying over & over "I don't want it." I told her she had to take 3 more bites & she refused. So, I told her she could get down but she wasn't getting anything else to eat tonight & if she was hungry she would have to eat her 3 bites of chicken n dumplings first. As soon as her feet touched the ground, she said "I want crackers!" Ummmm, no Miss Aubrey! You aren't playing me! Then she wanted a "snack" aka fruit snack. Nope, no fruit snacks for her either. She was not a happy camper but each time she asked for something else, I offered her 3 bites of chicken n dumplings so she could have what she was asking for. She refused each time.

Ahhh.... gotta love the stubbornness of a two year old. Unfortunately for her, she has two equally as stubborn parents!!

Kids Say the Darndest Things...

We all know how funny kids can be once they learn how to talk. They say things that just make you laugh & wonder where that came from. Well, we've had a LOT of that going on with Aubrey lately. I've decided that I definitely need to start writing these stories down so that I can look back on them one day. I was going to get a notebook to write them down in, but I decided to just do it here, on my virtual notebook :) I am going to try to record at least one funny story of her's a day, because there is usually always at least one!

So, my first story to record is from last night, 9-22-10. Aubrey took off her diaper & said she was poopy. However, there was no poop in the diaper, so I decided to put her on her potty. I told her to push her poo poo out. She sat there & pushed real hard & farted. She said "I farted!!" hehehe.. I laughed & said good job, but now push really hard & push that poo poo out! So, she scrunches up her face & grunts, pushes reallllly hard, & then says "AHH! IT'S *STUCK*"!!!! hahaha It was soooo funny!!! I couldn't stop laughing.

I know she will dislike me one day for making a point to remember these funny stories, especially when they are bathroom related, but it's all about the memories! ;)

So stayed tuned for more funny Aubrey stories :) She is a mess!!!!

And for the record, she never poo'ed in the potty..... she definitely got an A for effort though LOL