Wednesday, October 7, 2009

15 months old!

Aubrey Claire, you are 15 months old today. Wow, where has the time gone? I seriously can't believe you are already this big. You have definitely made the turn from a baby to a toddler. Your looks are starting to change. You still definitely resemble your daddy, but you are starting to get your own look about you, instead of being daddy's little clone. You are officially done with bottles. Mommy kept you on them a little longer than usual to help you gain some extra weight. It helped, because you now weigh 20 lbs 1 oz, which is a pretty good weight gain since your one year check up where you weighed 17 lbs 9 oz. You are now 30.25 inches tall, having grown 2.25 inches since your one year check up. You are still little for your age, like you always have been! You are in the 13th percentile for weight & you recently had a pretty big growth spurt height wise & you are now in the 55th percentile for height! You are also done with baby food. You eat 3 meals and two snacks a day. You love club crackers just like your daddy. You finally have teeth now! You have your two front bottom teeth, your left upper eye tooth, & your right upper eye tooth is barely poking through. You decided to get your teeth a little out of order, skipping your two front middle teeth! You are a busy little girl, choosing to run just about everywhere these days, instead of walk. You love to jump in your crib or on the bed. When we say "jump", you move your legs up & down without bringing your feet off the ground. You also love to pretend you are a monster & instantly go into "monster mode" when we say "Aubrey, pretend like you're a monster!" You make the cutest little monster growls. You know where your eyes, mouth, head, & feet are. We are working on nose, ears, arms, & hands now. You learn things very quickly. We usually only have to show you something one time & you figure out how to do it on your own. You are a little behind on speech, which is most likely due to the 6 ear infections you've had since January & the fluid that is constantly on your ears. You will soon be having an operation to put tubes in your ears which will help drain this fluid. The doctor says after you get your tubes, we will be able to tell a difference in your hearing & speech almost immediately. Right now everything probably sounds like you are underwater. So, for right now, these are the words you can say. Hi, Dada (your most favorite word), Uh oh (second favorite word), Da (for dog, you say this everytime you point at the dogs), Oh, I/Eye, & you have said momma/nana once but now you feel like you have pleased momma & Nana by saying it one time & haven't repeated it since. We just recently turned your carseat around since you are now at 20 lbs. You look like such a big girl in the car. You really like being turned around because now you can see things better while we are driving. You are an amazing sleeper. Your bedtime is 7pm. I usually have to wake you up to get ready for daycare. You always get at least 12 hours of sleep. On the weekends, you have been known to sleep until 11am! Even with getting 12+ hours of sleep a night, you also still take one very good nap during the day, lasting at least an hour & sometimes up to 3 hours. Mommy loves her sleep so she is very glad you are following in her footsteps there! One of your favorite things to do is play ring around the rosie's. Even after Mommy & Daddy are so dizzy from playing & try to sit down, you come & grab our hands to tell us you still want to play some more. You also love when we sing the ABC's. You get the biggest smile on your face & clap your hands. You are the biggest blessing in your Mommy & Daddy's life. We are so thankful to have such a beautiful little girl. We are so proud of you & can't wait to watch you continue to grow & learn new things. Mommy & Daddy love you!! Happy 15 months baby girl!