Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Mommy Brag

All of you who are moms know how it is. Your perfect angel does something special and you just want to shout about it & tell the whole world! ;) Well, I'm having one of those Mommy Brag moments right now! As of July 17th, Aubrey officially knows how to spell her name all by herself! I am so excited & proud!! Here is a video of my sweet girl showing off her new skills! ;) Like I said in my 2 year birthday update, she has been saying "A-B-Y, AUBREY!" for quite a while now. On Saturday, while eating breakfast, she just randomly started spelling it the right way! I couldn't believe it! :) Watch for yourself! I'm so proud of you, Aubrey!! <3

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Happy 2nd Birthday, Aubrey Claire!!

Aubrey, I can NOT believe you are two years old today. When I was pregnant with you, everyone told me to enjoy every second because time would fly right by. Now I find myself telling other new moms that too. It is crazy how quickly you are growing up! You are the best thing that has ever happened to me and your dad. You bring so much joy & love to our lives.

(Birthday Party at Daycare!)

You are such a smart and beautiful little girl. We get compliments from people about you all the time. Even though you are starting to throw some serious fits these days, you are still a very well behaved little girl. You are entering your "terrible two's" afterall, so the fits are to be expected. You have grown & matured so much in the past year. You now weigh 22 lbs 4 oz & are 33 inches tall. At 12 months, you weighed 17 lbs 9 oz & were 28 inches tall. It's hard to believe that you were just learning how to walk this time last year & now you run around full speed 24-7!

(Enjoying your cupcake at your birthday party at school!)

Your vocabulary is soaring; I barely even remember the days of being concerned that you weren't saying anything. You talk NON stop now!! You love to sing your ABC's. My favorite part is when you get to L-M-N-O-P. You sing this by moving your tongue real fast becuase that's what it sounds like to you. Your favorite part of your ABC's is Q R S. You sing that part SO loudly! You are already learning how to spell your name. If we spell your name out, you say AUBREY! when we are done. When we ask you to spell your name, you say A B Y, Aubrey! You're just missing a few letters in there! ;) You have the sweetest little voice. Some of the words you say in your own way are the cutest things. Some of our favorites are: Where NAR you? (Where are you?), That's so money! (That's so funny!), Parper (Parker), Nolk (Milk), Howside (Outside), Mow Mower (Lawn Mower), & many, many more. A phrase we are hearing VERY often these days is "I do it!" You are little Miss Independent! You also keep saying "I want pink mo-no-ike-el (motorcycle)" anytime someone says it's your birthday! Good thing Nana & Papa are getting you one! (You call lots of things mo-no-ike-els: motorcycles, bicycles, tricycles (which is what Nana & Papa are getting you!),4 wheelers, etc.).

(Special Birthday Hat from your teachers! :) )

You absolutely love to eat. Some of your favorites right now are chicken nuggets, macaroni & cheese, crackers, cereal, & cookies. You also LOVE animals. Some of your favorites are puppies, birds, kitty cats, monkeys, cows, & pigs. You know all the sounds for all of these animals. I also ask what sound an indian makes & you put your hand to your mouth and say ah ah ah ah ah! You also love for me to ask what sound a monster makes; you do a very good monster growl! I personally love to ask you what does mommy say? You reply with I loveeeee youuu!!! (which is soooo very true!)

(Birthday Girl before school!)

You are a little mermaid and love to be in the water. You go to bed & wake up saying "I put feet in water!". You even said this in your sleep a few nights ago! Speaking of bed, you still absolutely love your sleep. You still go to bed at 7, usually 7:30 at the latest. I always have to wake you up in the morning for school. You get at least 12 hours of sleep a night. On the weekends, you often sleep around 15 hours, sometimes even longer. You still take one nap a day. At daycare, it's usually 1-1.5 hours. At home on the weekends, its usually 2-3 hours. I hope you are always such a great sleeper!

I could go on and on, but this pretty much summarizes your life right now. Like I said, you are the VERY best thing that has ever happened to us & we love you more than ANYTHING!!!! We look forward to watching you grow another year! Happy Birthday, Aubrey Claire!! You will always be mommy's baby girl!

Monday, July 5, 2010

Two Year Video

I've been a horrible, horrible, horrible blogger :( Life has been crazy busy lately. I'll try to do a huge update soon... but for now, here is the video I made of Aubrey from 12-24 months. :( I can not believe my baby girl will be 2 on Wednesday!!! She is such a blessing in our lives!!! We love her more than ANYTHING!!